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Sad to say we do not work your music genre.

For anything urban related, please reach out to our good friends at Taste Creators for any PR, Marketing, or Branding needs.

Taste Creators is a full-service agency dedicated to helping artists, brands, and labels succeed on their own terms. From assisting rappers and singers in the entirety of their record-making process to offering press kits, branding concepts, release strategies, marketing plans, photo shoots, music videos, public relations, studio space, and more.

Taste Creators is a resource and outlet focused on helping urban artists and creatives do what they love for a living.

Please meet Brianna whose information is below and arrange a time to chat with her. A copy of your information has already been sent her way, and we've forwarded all of this to your email as well!


Brianna DeMayo

Founder of:
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